Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fury "The Barfly" Butterfly Bottle Opener, Silver

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Product Info

The Fury "The BARFLY" Butterfly Bottle Opener - Silver is manufactured by Joy Enterprises the owners of Fury, Fury Tactical and Mustang products and the importer of Muela of Spain. With production in the USA, Europe and Asia, Joy has been providing high-quality, valued priced products since 1941. Many of our products are proprietary designs (often copied) and others inspired by classic survival/defensive tools and edged weapons. Joy is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products. Enjoy and be careful.


  • 8.5-Inch Overall Open Length
  • High Quality 440 Steel Construction
  • Have fun or Practice Your Moves
  • Chrome Finish

Customer Opinions

It works!
Maui Rater

The weight of this is like the real thing. But the pins in it are a little flimsy. I don't want to play with it too much becuase it feels like it'll break. It looks good, feels good, but is loose at the pins. Works great at drinking parties.

Excelent tool for any drinking enthusiast

The only reason I don't give this product 5 stars is because I believe the tolerances could be tighter on this knife. But for the price its still a fantastic device. It works well for opening drinks of course, but also for impressing the tavern congregation with your butterfly knife skills without being thrown out by the bouncer, and its shiny and real enough looking that I'm sure you could bluff its a real knife to a would be assailant in a parking lot or dark alley. Its very fun, and is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.

Rating: 3.5 2 reviews

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